In this mini-course, I will walk you through a complete process for reusing your content.

You'll learn how to:

  • Select portions from your episodes or videos
  • Extract these portions into separate clips
  • Adjust their aspect ratio, crop or reframe them
  • Add various visual elements such as titles, logos, captions to create social clips
  • Export the clips in various formats and aspect ratios

You will learn my process for "working once, benefitting many times" from your content.

I will show you how I edit my own and my clients' episodes, how I add editorial markup and select clips for social media as I go. This allows me to save time and not work twice.

Then we will look at how to add animated captions, images, gifs, logos, waveforms, transitions, music and B-roll on your social media clips to make them more interesting and exciting.

Finally, we will look at exporting these clips for social media using two methods.

I will be sharing all my secrets, tips, warnings and hacks to save you time and extra work.

Course curriculum

    1. 01 Welcome and Why Choose Descript

    2. 02 Selecting the content for the clips

    3. 03 Extracting the Highlights to New Compositions

    4. 04 Choosing the Layout

    5. 05 Interview with Two people

    6. 06 Switching the Active Speaker

    7. 07 Adding Elements to Your Clips

    8. 08 Captions and Customising Caption Styles

    9. 09 Fine Control over Captions

    10. 10 Using Dynamic Text to Save Time

    11. 11 Creating Layouts and Brand Guidelines

    12. 12 Importing Graphics and Assets

    13. 13 Creating Shapes in Descript

    14. 14 Adding Animated Waveforms

    15. 15 Adding an Animated Progress Bar

    16. 16 Adding Counters or Timers

    17. 17 Replicating Layouts

    18. 18 Square or Vertical?

    19. 19 Transform Square to Vertical

    20. 20 Adding Images or B-Roll

    21. 21 Exporting Your Social Media Clips

    22. 22 Checking Duration and Shortening to Fit

    23. 23 Saving Your Designs to Templates

    24. 24 Applying Templates to New Clips

    25. 25 Closing Remarks

About this course

  • $9.99
  • 25 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


Cristi Cotovan

Cristi is a passionate video editor, graphic designer and developer. He loves training others on video editing, podcasting, identity design and has a knack for explaining workflows and processes.